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8MP cameras with mobile access


Design and Manufacture of Solar powered 3G / 4G or long range WIFI Security Cameras

Solar Cameras

Solar cameras, as the name suggests, are cameras that are powered by a Solar Panel and in some cases by wind turbine. They can be deployed anywhere there is a 3G or 4G service. If there is no cell service available, we do have the option of sending the video signal over many 10's of kilometers with a long range WIFI network that we use.

We use Powder Coated Gal steel enclosures to allow for many years of service in harsh environments. We can customise mounts to fit any pole, building or structure you may want to attach to.

We use an Australian delivered 8MP camera with 4 year warranty as standard. Generally these cameras oversee large areas and the use of cameras with 4K resolution allow for the use of digital zoom on more distant objects/people without loss of image quality. We regard a cropped image to 1080 resolution as the minimum to more easily enable identification of persons. With a 4K camera you can digitally zoom into 1/4 screen and maintain 2MP/1080 resolution. We also have PTZ options, Dark Fighter and Thermal Imaging options.

The cameras we use employ more advanced notification methods compared to motion detection. Line crossing and 'intruder into area' are just 2 options in our cameras that can push notifications to your mobile phone. We use a software platform that can be loaded onto your computer for remote live and recorded footage viewing. Multiple systems/cameras can be loaded into the platform. Cameras and platform can be secured with passwords.

We match battery capacity and Solar Panel size to provide any number of days 'run time' should there be a lot of rain/cloudy days. Our base systems use AGM Deep Cycle batteries. Higher end/higher power demand systems use Lithium batteries.

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Our Systems


8MP cameras used as standard. Dark Fighter (see colour in darkness), Thermal Imaging and PTZ cameras available

Build quality

Powder Coated Gal IP67 steel enclosures


Systems can be designed to allow any number of days run time with rain and cloud. 12v and 240v systems also available

Record time

We can customise to allow any number of days/weeks/months recording


Platform for your computer to remotely live view and view recorded footage. Push notifications to your phone 


We use Dahua for a lot of our cameras as well as HikVision. We use Ubiquiti for our WIFI links

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Remote viewing

Use the platform to live view, replay files, manage cameras, set alerts... Can manage over 100 cameras


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