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Solar Cameras

4G Solar & Long Range WIFI Cameras

Solar Cameras

Solar cameras, as the name suggests, are cameras that are powered by a Solar Panel and in some cases by wind turbine. They can be deployed anywhere there is a 3/4 and soon 5G service. If there is no cell service available, we do have the option of sending the video signal over many 10's of kilometers with a long range WIFI network that we use.



We customise systems

If you need anything specific incorporated into the systems, please contact us to discuss.

Ask about  multiple linked stations

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Camera system and OPtions

8MP Solar Camera ready to deploy

8MP camera, 120-150W Solar panel, panel mount and 70-105AH AGM/GEL battery. Wiring loom, regulator, router for 3/4G connection. Simply mount and plug in 2 cables.... ready to go : $1870.00+gst







Make battery 80AH Lithium
Add $650.00+gst

Make 8MP camera to PTZ
Options from $500.00+gst

Keep 3/4G connectivity and add long range WIFI link
Add $230.00+gst

Motion detect LED Light and remote speaker
A variety of LED Lighting and alert devices are available


• All software included
• Line crossing/Interference area notification
• Motion notification







Building mount

Systems can be mounted to any structure



General Information

We can employ a traditional style NVR where many cameras are need to be all recorded on one medium and storage capacity for several weeks is required

We can design systems of any battery reserve storage capacity and system record time